Saturday, January 5, 2013

Turkey, Avocado and Hummus Wrap

I'm back!

Yeah, so it seems I took a temporary hiatus from food blogging for a while.  I vow to be better.  

First of all, the winter is a difficult time to food blog when you mostly blog about dinners.  Food photographs best when fresh and with natural light.  When it gets dark shortly before five...well, you see the problem.  Of course there are ways around that for someone who is really excited about food.  But...unfortunately (or fortunately...yeah...) I am not all that excited about food right now.

You see, I'm 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2.  For me, this means food is about the last thing I want to think about.  I tried.  For you, I tried.  I got a couple of recipes up after the morning sickness started (at 3 weeks!!!  I didn't even know you COULD get sick that early) but I just couldn't do it anymore.  If it makes you feel any better, our dinner table has been less exciting than this blog has.  Although, if that made you feel better than I'll give you the side eye for a while....

Anyway, yes, we're excited.   Although, to be frank, it's hard to be excited about something that is making me sick ALL DAY (and night) long.  I know what your thinking too.  I can read your mind right though this computer screen.  Your thinking, "Ashley, it's okay, your out of your first trimester, you'll feel better soon."  Ha!  I was sick with the kid all the way up to 30 weeks, and by then the heartburn kicked in so bad that it was hard to discern between that and the nausea.  At least he had the decency to wait until 6 weeks to get me sick.  

Wow!  I sound really grumpy.  

Have you ever seen the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting"  I very much emphathise when Elizabeth Bank's character says "I just wanted the glow -- the one that they promise you on the cover of those magazines. Well, I'm calling it: Pregnancy sucks! Making a human being is really hard, I have no control over my body or my emotions. Gar-bear [insert the Husband's name here], I'm sorry, all I want to do is punch you in the face..."

All joking and grumpying (it's a aside pregnancy really is a beautiful thing.  I'm making a human being, inside my body.  Which I will later push out of my body.  That's when the real work begins. 

So here is a super easy and delicious wrap for you to enjoy.  

Wraps are amazing!  I don't think I truly appreciated the awesomeness of wraps before trying to make dinner doubled over in pain.  They are simple, fast, and delicious.  Like I said, amazing.  

We love to pack these wraps whenever we need to take lunch with us anywhere.  They keep well without getting soggy (as long as you make sure to dab the juice off the pickle beforehand) and letting them sit allows the flavors to really meld.  But they are also fabulous for a light, quick dinner paired with sweet potato fries and a nice green salad.  

Turkey, Avocado and Hummus Wrap

makes 1 wrap (easily multiplies)
recipe from: Iowa Girl Eats

1 whole grain tortilla
3-4 tablespoons roasted red pepper hummus
3-4 slices deli slices roasted turkey
avocado slices
pickle slices

Spread hummus on entire tortilla, top with turkey avocado and pickles.  Enjoy

Note: if you are going to pack this for a lunch, make sure to dab the juices off the pickle.  You may also want to rub the avocado slices with a small amount of lime juice to keep it fresh.

What the Husband thinks: He loves these.  He really loves most anything that gets wrapped in a tortilla.  So easy to please!  I first made these for lunch on a flight to visit family.  We both liked them so much they got made again for the flight back home.

What the kid ate:  The hummus, by the spoonful.  Such a strange kid.  Won't touch mac' n' cheese but LOVES hummus.

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